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Metro Homes Market Realty is an award winning real estate agency lead by David Saint Germain, serving Mpls-St. Paul and surrounding areas. David's 25 years of experience combined with his innovative approach helps home buyers and sellers yield results: the right deal, at the right time, and the right price! David has an unyielding commitment to put his client's needs first; then rolling up his sleeves to do the right property and consumer research, applying his market knowledge and developing a customized strategy to accomplish his clients goals. Voted “Super Agent” by Mpls-St. Paul Magazine & Twin City Business.

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Best Realtor Mpls - St. Paul

In the heart of Mpls - St. Paul, where the urban pulse meets the serenity of home life, David Saint Germain emerges as more than a Realtor; he is a trusted guide through the complex landscape of real estate. With a story woven from countless successful transactions, David's reputation as the best Realtor in Mpls - St. Paul is built on a foundation of unwavering commitment to his client's dreams and desires. Whether you're searching "best Realtor near me" or yearning for a place to call home in this vibrant locale, David's expertise is your compass to navigating the market with confidence and ease. His approach is a testament to the power of deep local knowledge combined with a genuine desire to see you thrive in your new home. Step into the narrative of your future, where every detail of your real estate journey is handled with precision and care, right here in St. Paul.

Don't take our word for it - clients rate DAVID SAINT GERMAIN - 100% Satisfaction and 100% Recommendation.

  1. 5/5 ***** Star Client Ratings ( &

  2. Voted "Super Agent" by Mpls-StPaul Magazine & Twin City Business

  3. Recognized America's Top 100 Real Estate Agents - Twin Cities

  4. Awarded - "Best Real Estate Agent"

  5. Awarded - "Top Luxury Agent"

  6. RealTrends “America’s Best” Top 1% Real Estate Professional

  7. Top 10 Real Estate Agents in Minnesota by Fast Experts

  8. Broker Agent Advisor "7-Star Award" Top 100 Agents

  9. Innovators Award Winner - The CE Shop

  10. HomeLight Achievement Award - "Sells Homes Fast"

  11. Build 2021 - "Best Residential Real Estate Agent (MN)"

Find Your Dream Home in Mpls - St. Paul

Buyers - Customize Strategy. Tailored Results. If you need a new home, this means understanding everything you want in a home and scouring the marketplace using resources that most agents don't even consider, to give you the home you want.

Imagine a journey that begins with a dream and ends with the keys to your perfect home in Mpls - St. Paul. This is the journey David Saint Germain crafts for each client seeking their sanctuary in this diverse and dynamic region. As you search "find your dream home near me," you're not just seeking a place to live; you're searching for a space that reflects your life's story, aspirations, and joys. David excels in translating your vision into reality, exploring every corner of Mpls - St. Paul to uncover the home that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Through his eyes, the neighborhoods of St. Paul come alive, each with its unique character and promise of a life well-lived. Your dream home awaits, nestled in the heart of a community where your future unfolds with endless possibilities.

Sell Your Home Fast

In the swiftly moving currents of the Mpls - St. Paul real estate market, David Saint Germain stands as a beacon of expertise and efficiency for those looking to sell their home fast. The decision to sell is more than a transaction; it's a pivotal moment filled with hope for the future and reflections on the past. David understands the emotional and financial significance of this step, crafting a selling strategy that merges aggressive marketing with a deep appreciation for what makes your property unique. As potential buyers search "sell my home fast near me," they are led to your doorstep, guided by David's skillful optimization and intimate knowledge of the St. Paul market. Your home's story is shared compellingly, attracting buyers ready to begin their next chapter, ensuring a fast, rewarding sale that honors your home's value and your future aspirations.

First Time Home Buyer Realtor

Embarking on the journey of buying your first home in Mpls - St. Paul is a voyage of discovery, excitement, and, admittedly, a bit of apprehension. As you search "first-time home buyer Realtor near me," you're seeking more than expertise; you're looking for a partner who understands the gravity of this milestone. David Saint Germain is that partner, offering a guiding hand and a compassionate heart through the intricacies of the first-time buying process. With David, the neighborhoods of St. Paul are not just locations on a map; they are communities brimming with potential for your new beginning. He demystifies the process, ensuring that your first foray into homeownership is informed, confident, and joyous. Together, you'll navigate the paths of Mpls - St. Paul, discovering the perfect backdrop for your life's next grand adventure.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Metro Homes Market

David is an amazing realtor. He was amazing to work with. He was so knowledgeable and made buying a house a stress free process. After working with David I feel like he is part of our family now. He is the only realtor that I would ever work with.


David helped my husband and I find and buy our first home in February 2022 when the market was insane. He was great to work with and put us at ease. His knowledge was invaluable. He came highly recommended by another customer of his. The whole process went so smoothly it was amazing, especially considering how cut throat the market was. I would definitely recommend David to anyone I know!


Very experienced and professional. Excellent communication with each step of the process.

David was great to work with. Very patient, calm, thorough and knowledgeable about the process. I never freaked out because I knew David was looking out for me.



How can I find the best Realtor in Mpls - St. Paul?

Discovering the best Realtor in Mpls - St. Paul starts with seeking someone who understands not just the market, but your unique story and dreams. David Saint Germain stands out by blending deep local insights with a passion for turning your real estate aspirations into reality. As you search "best Realtor near me," remember, the best Realtor will guide you with expertise, empathy, and unparalleled commitment to your success. Let David be the narrator of your journey, ensuring your story unfolds exactly as you've envisioned in the vibrant locales of Mpls - St. Paul.

What should I look for when trying to find my dream home in Mpls - St. Paul?

Finding your dream home in Mpls - St. Paul is an adventure that goes beyond square footage or zip codes. It's about how a space resonates with your life and aspirations. When searching "find your dream home near me," prioritize a Realtor who listens deeply and is attuned to your vision. David Saint Germain specializes in translating your desires into a tangible address in Mpls - St. Paul, ensuring every home viewing is a step closer to where you're meant to be. Your dream home is not just a place; it's a reflection of your journey, dreams, and the future you're excited to live.

Can I really sell my home fast in Mpls - St. Paul?

Yes, selling your home quickly in Mpls - St. Paul is achievable, especially when you partner with a Realtor who leverages cutting-edge marketing strategies and possesses an intimate knowledge of the local market dynamics. David Saint Germain understands that selling your home is not just a transaction but a significant life transition. By searching "sell my home fast near me," you'll find David's tailored approach, combining emotional intelligence with technical savvy, ensures your home stands out to potential buyers, making a swift sale not just possible but probable.

What tips do you have for a first-time home buyer in Mpls - St. Paul?

For first-time homebuyers in Mpls - St. Paul, the journey is as thrilling as it is daunting. My advice? Seek a Realtor who treats your first purchase with the significance it deserves. When you search "first-time home buyer Realtor near me," you're looking for someone who knows the ropes, yes, but also someone who is invested in your happiness and confidence. David Saint Germain offers more than just real estate expertise; he provides a partnership. From understanding the nuances of the market to navigating negotiations and closing, David ensures your first foray into homeownership is as seamless as it is joyous, setting the stage for a future filled with possibilities in Mpls - St. Paul.

How does David Saint Germain tailor his approach to meet my real estate needs in Mpls - St. Paul?

David Saint Germain's approach is bespoke, recognizing that each client's needs and dreams are as unique as the properties in Mpls - St. Paul. Whether you're searching "best Realtor near me" with hopes of selling high or "find your dream home near me" with the desire to start a new chapter, David listens intently, crafts strategies with precision, and acts with your best interest at heart. His expertise in the local market, combined with a genuine commitment to your satisfaction, ensures that your real estate journey is not just successful but also deeply fulfilling.


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